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Locality: ロシア連邦 スラヴャンカ付近(49°20'N; 136°45'E) アムール川

Locality: Near Slavjanka, Russia 49°20'N;136°45'E Amur River


Country/region: Russia

Habitat type: middle river

Specimen/occurence ID

Cyprinus carpio C_carpio_Russia_Amur | GEDIMAP-P481

DNA information
.arp [Arlequin]

Amur1 (CR) [1]

Amur2 (CR) [1]

Amur3 (CR) [1]

Amur4 (CR) [1]

Amur5 (CR) [1]

Associated source

Mabuchi, K., H. Senou, T. Suzuki and M. Nishida (2005) Discovery of an ancient lineage of Cyprinus carpio from Lake Biwa, central Japan, based on mtDNA sequence data, with reference to possible multiple origins of koi. J. Fish Biol., 66: 1516-1528

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